Hey there! I’m Salma, and I recently decided to create a blog to inspire people, whether they’re going through personal difficulties, are bored, or just need a little help positivity. I’m 15 years old, and I have an instagram which is predominantly food related (munching_salma), and I mainly post about food. However, I aim to do different things on this blog, not revolve everything around food. There are different segments which include: What I Ate Wednesday where I document the food I eat in a day, Favourites Friday where I talk about my favourite book, show, song and food of the day/week, and finally¬†Make it Monday where I’ll post about something you can make yourself, be it an arts and craft project, something to bake, etc. Some posts may be motivational posts instead, it all depends on what I think of that week!

I’m so excited to start this blog and can’t wait for you to share this experience with me! If you have any requests for or ideas for blog posts, PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW, it would mean the world.¬†